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Team Building Your Way

Something special happens when people come together to create and build. At TechShop, ideas and dreams are welcome – and realized! All of our group events are designed to engage participants in transformative experiences. Attendees flex their imaginations and learn new skills in a fun environment, and with guidance from our personable and knowledgeable staff, they collaborate to make something memorable together.

For event planners seeking unique venues for team building workshops, innovation summits or celebrating the latest “big win,” TechShop designs, hosts and caters memorable themed events for any occasion and skill level. Each event is scalable and customizable to accommodate a variety of group sizes and interests. Customized training packages and corporate memberships are also available.

Choose from these popular events or talk with us about tailoring your own.

Industrial Logo Art SumoBot Challenge Trebuchet Battles

Participants work together under the guidance of TechShop welding experts to design and create a one-of-a-kind takeaway such as a model of a landmark or company logo.


Using TechShop equipment and staff knowledge, teams collaborate to design, modify and program their SumoBot fighting robots,and then challenge each other in the sumo ring.


Teams build and refine desktop models of medieval siege engines, cut them out using modern laser technology, and perfect their firing strategies against opponents’ fortresses.
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