TechShop Dream Corp

TechShop offers a wide variety of personal services to help you with whatever you dream up. Personal services are available to TechShop members for $95 per hour with a 2-hour minimum in the following categories:

Personal Training

Attend a one-on-one SBU (Safety and Basic Use) or other class taught at the convenience of you and a knowledgeable TechShop instructor. Up to three additional attendees may join you for just $30 per hour per additional attendee. Note: Personal Training is limited to SBUs and other pre-defined classes currently or previously taught at TechShop. For customized SBUs and other personalized training, select one of the services listed below.

Personal Consulting

TechShop is ready to help you choose the right way to tackle your project challenges. If you have questions like, "I drew this in SolidWorks and it fails to print on the 3D printer" or "I have this design and don't know whether it be done on the laser cutter, ShopBot, or something else," we can help you find answers quickly! No equipment is generally involved in the Personal Consulting process.

Personal Prototyping

With TechShop's Personal Prototyping service, you actually work alongside one of our Dream Consultants or instructors to produce your parts. If you have already engineered your piece but need it to be made for you using equipment at TechShop, this may be just the service you've been looking for.

For your safety, in order to use equipment when working with our Dream Consultants or instructors, you must have already passed the SBU(s) for that equipment.

Call your TechShop location to arrange for any of these services. Please allow a day or two for us to match your schedule with TechShop staff and equipment availability.