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Hackerspaces in Space
Local group enters first annual near-space aerial photography competition
RALEIGH, NC , August 19, 2010 -- On Sunday, August 22nd, a group of local makers will attempt to send a weather balloon into near-space to capture a picture of the Earth's horizon. The attempt is part of Workshop 88's first annual Hackerspaces in Space contest. Spectators are welcome.

Team TechShop NC will begin the launch at 8am at Horseshoe Farm Park in Wake Forest. Their launch will be judged on several criteria: how long it takes them to retrieve their payload, the weight of the payload, and the overall total cost of the project. The prize is bragging rights and the privilege of creating the trophy for next year’s winners.

More than 25 teams from around the world have entered the competition that was announced in February. Team TechShop NC learned about it late but was still allowed to enter. Now, just three weeks after entering the competition, they are ready for launch.

"It was a tight deadline," said group member Christopher Gorski, "but we have an enthusiastic team of talented people and plans came together quickly."

Team TechShop NC is based out of TechShop RDU, a local workshop that gives members access to a wide variety of tools and machines. TechShop RDU is the second location for the Menlo Park, California-based company.

"Projects like this are a great match for the TechShop community," said Gorski. "There are always people around with expertise in different areas that complement each other well."

The team hopes to do more launches after the contest. Later launches may include more instrumentation, higher altitudes, and possibly video.

For more information contact Christopher Gorski of Team TechShop NC at (919) 247-9681 or

Hackerspaces in Space contest details:

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