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WKSCH016: Multi Color and Contour Cutting on the Vinyl Cutter

In the advanced vinyl cutter class you will learn two advanced techniques. The first of which is cutting multiple colors of vinyl with registration marks so that all the colors can be perfectly aligned. This can make for even more interesting multi-color decals. This is particularly handy when making large signs with a multicolored logo.

The second is contour cutting. With this technique we will show you how to take a very large resolution image and print it to the wide format printer (with registration marks), then take that printout to the vinyl cutter and precisely cut around the image. If you've ever seen a fathead commercial where a cutout of a sports star or character from a movie is cut out along the contour of the character. This method will show you how to do that. Many of our members also use this technique to create large sheets of full color stickers to apply directly onto their product.

  • Required: WKS537: Vinyl Cutter and Heat Press SBU

  • Recommended: COM201: Adobe Illustrator for CNC; COM207: CorelDraw for CNC

Supervision requirements: During class, all 8- to 15-year-old students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also enrolled in the class.

When using the vinyl cutter outside of class time, 8- to 15-year-old members must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian who has passed the SBU.

Safety: Closed-toed shoes are mandatory.

1 session currently scheduled:
    Multi Color and Contour Cutting on the Vinyl Cutter Friday, 9/8/17 5:00 PM 2.5 Hours 5 SEATS TOTAL
    * Member Sign Up $79.00, No Materials Fee
    Non-member Sign Up $99.00, No Materials Fee
    * Membership is verified at the time of the class session. Be sure to bring your badge.
WKSCH018: Metal- Heat Patina Workshop

Learn to use the plasma cutter and oxy-acetylene torch to give your blank fish or butterfly template its unique character.

It's the perfect accompaniment to our basic metal, welding and waterjet classes to boost your creativity and metal-art making skills!

Prerequisites: None, but Oxy-Acetylene Torch SBU, and Basic Metal Shop SBU are strongly recommended.

2 sessions currently scheduled:
    Metal- Heat Patina Workshop
(Heat Patina Workshop)
Monday, 8/28/17 5:00 PM 2.5 Hours 5 SEATS TOTAL
    * Member Sign Up $60.00 plus $5.00 Materials Fee
    Non-member Sign Up $70.00 plus $5.00 Materials Fee
    Metal- Heat Patina Workshop
(Heat Patina Workshop)
Tuesday, 9/12/17 4:30 PM 2.5 Hours 5 SEATS TOTAL
    * Member Sign Up $60.00 plus $5.00 Materials Fee
    Non-member Sign Up $70.00 plus $5.00 Materials Fee
    * Membership is verified at the time of the class session. Be sure to bring your badge.
WKSWKS012: Advanced Arduino Debugging Workshop

Join us for an informative hands-on session covering advanced debugging techniques for Arduino Sketches. This session will introduce you to the Arduino Sketch import function included in Studio 7, which allows for full source code debugging ability. You will receive the ATmega 328P Xplained Mini which used with Atmel Studio 7 provides everything needed to implement source level debugging on Arduino projects.

This hands-on session will cover basic sketch import into Studio 7, using the Debug interface to obtain complete visibility and control of the AVR® ATmega328P.

Also Included in the registration fee is the JTAGICE3 debugger which allows the same debugging concepts to be applied to existing AVR-based microcontroller hardware whether it’s Arduino-based or not.

COST: Fees for class go directly to Microchip to cover materials cost, please register here and pay at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/advanced-arduino-debugging-workshop-tickets-36693163239

- Session Prerequisites -

Software Requirements

The following software needs to be installed on your laptop

Atmel® Studio 7 (Version: 7.0.594 or higher) Download Software

Arduino IDE 1.6.8 or later Download Software

Serial console program like Putty or Teraterm (optional)

Hardware Requirements

Attendees are required to bring a laptop with administrator rights. Microchip will NOT supply computers at the training

Laptop will need Wi-Fi® and one free USB host connector

USB Micro B cable

- Supplied Evaluation Kits -

As part of your registration fee you will receive the following kits:

Kit: ATmega328P-XMINI

The ATmega328P Xplained Mini is a fully featured evaluation board for the ATmega328P microcontroller which is the same microcontroller device present on the Arduino UNO. This evaluation board also features an on-board CMSIS-DAP-based debugger that is fully supported by Studio 7. While providing a complete breakout of all GPIO pins of the ATmega328 device, it also provides solder holes for standard Arduino plug headers allowing this board to be turned into a specialized debug version of the Arduino Uno.

This board will be used during the hands on session.

1 session currently scheduled:
    Advanced Arduino Debugging Workshop
(Advance Arduino Workshop)
Saturday, 8/19/17 1:00 PM 3.0 Hours 50 SEATS TOTAL
    Member and non-member Sign Up