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Become a member of TechShop today!

Members have access to over $1 million worth of advanced machines and tools, sophisticated 2D and 3D design software, and other professional equipment for a low monthly membership fee.

Work on your projects at TechShop as much as you want. Learn a new skill. Ask our experienced Dream Consultants for advice on your project or techniques. Attend members-only events and meet other makers.

Join the TechShop community of inventors, tinkerers, hobbyists, students, entrepreneurs, and others who want to make things, and build your dreams HERE!

To begin your purchase process, please select a TechShop Location. This location should be the location that you plan to use the most and will become your home location.

NOTE: Memberships and Class Coupon Codes are valid at any TechShop location - We ask you to select which location you will most frequently come to so we can better plan resources and classes based on customer needs.


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